Standards and Approvals

The standards we can work with are:

21 CFR pt11FDA Guidelines on Records
EEMUA 191The Design of Alarm Systems for Process Industries
GAMPGood Automated Manufacturing Practise
HACCPHazardous Area Critical Control Points
IEC 61311Programmable Logic Controls
IEC 61508Electrical Safety Systems
Industrial systems, installations and equipment and industrial product — Structuring principles and reference designations
ISA 18.2Management of Alarm Systems for Process Industries
ISA88/IEC 61512-1Batch Control & Management
ISA 95Enterprise to Control System Integration
ISO9001:2015Quality Management
Meeting the standards you need

At InControl we know the importance you place on the standards necessary in your industry. We have significant experience in using specific industry standards, as well as adopting new ones if necessary to help deliver your project to your satisfaction. At your request, we will acknowledge and work to any of the following standards.

If your standard is not shown here

Please get in touch if your required standard is not shown in the table, it might be we already have experience in that area. We are also open to taking on new standards and approvals as part of a contracted requirement.