HPC (Howden Process Compressors)

Major process compressor company turns to systems integrator due to lack of internal resource

Howden Group are a multinational organisation specialising in supplying gas and air handling equipment and compressors to a wide range of industries worldwide. During a period when HPC experienced a lack of internal resource, there was concern that their internal departments would be hard-pushed to carry out systems integration work.

Fast responding systems integrator, gets up to speed with client knowledge

This being the case, investing in the services of a system integrator still faced HPC with some reservations. They needed a quick response and learned that finding people with the right knowledge was difficult. So to them, as the owners of a very specialized business, there was a potential risk that the system wouldn’t work and could cause problems between them and the main user.

We responded quickly and put HPC in control by giving them the specialist knowledge they needed. What’s more is, our approach to their problems (as with any of our clients) was based on effective solutions rather than being cost driven. Testament to our approach, HPC were “pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products and services that InControl provided.”

The outcome of our first project with HPC is also testament to our philosophy of using our expertise and service to form long lasting partnerships. Just read on…

Brian Thurman, HPC Field Service Manager said:

“The technical competence of their engineers is very high; they are professional and are extremely responsive to our requests for service at short notice. The quality of the work they have carried out for us is reflected in the low call out ratios, minimal warranty costs and satisfied end users on each of the projects for which they provide assistance.

InControl Systems have now been providing services to our company continuously for about 12 years and work almost as a part of our internal engineering team. We have always been one hundred percent satisfied with the products and services they have provided and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies.”