Singleton Birch

Major lime supplier needed an overhaul of their PLC systems:

Singleton Birch are the UK’s leading independent lime supplier. Their product range comprises of quicklime, hydrated lime, natural hydraulic lime, graded chalk, and aggregates amongst other specialist products and services. Due to a lack of internal resources and time, Singleton Birch began to consider using an external Systems Integrator. They had an urgent need to join several disparate PLC networks, enable remote access to automation systems and install an audit trail mechanism for all PLC code changes. And the clock was ticking.

A systems integrator who could take over the complete project quickly:

To overcome this, the company needed a quick response. They needed to be able to hand over all responsibility to a company who could support any problems, design all the safety aspects and fully commission the system with minimum hassle. Good job we’re InControl.

Our approach and expertise meant Singleton Birch could rely on us to educate and guide their engineers through the solutions available. We helped massively with the selection and integration of our systems with minimum disruption to their running plant. Singleton Birch found themselves able to hand over complete responsibility for the project to us. We gave them the confidence they needed. Not just as suppliers and trainers who could clearly explain the chosen systems, but as trusted engineers with an open and honest approach.

Project delivered as specified:

Needless to say that the system we delivered was exactly as specified and works extremely well. According to our client, it provides exactly what was required in terms of traceability, audit trail tracking, control over ad hoc code modification, remote access for staff and remote access to InControl for support. Our responsive backup to problems long after the initial implementation dramatically reduced actual onsite call out costs, too. “Response, value for money, damn good service, design superb, time taken out to sit down and discuss.”

Ken Hebdon, Electrical Engineering Manager said:

“Although we have worked with a number of SI’s previously, InControl Systems really did not fail to impress us. We have worked with InControl Systems on a number of projects in recent years, are extremely happy with the services that they provide; we would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to other companies.”