Made Smarter

Made Smarter, what’s all the hype?

Well it’s only hype if you don’t look to see how it can help your business.

Made Smarter is the UK term for what the German government called the Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Indeed both Made Smarter and Industry 4.0 can cover so many things, from cloud-based analytics working out your preventative maintenance program, down to the ability to cost effectively make bespoke products by using automation and data, without the cost and overhead of traditional customised products.

As an independent systems integrator

At InControl Systems (as an independent systems integrator) we consider ourselves better placed than most to be able to take you on a ‘Made Smarter’ journey, starting from your traditional machinery based production facility, and by focussing on your immediate challenges, we can retrofit data collection points throughout your business, seamlessly connect them from machine to machine, from shop floor to boardroom, and from site to site, with as much or as little ‘cloud’ or hype as you want.

Smart machines and factories:
  • Collecting and using the data you have in your machines and on your shop floor
  • Channelling data to your MES or ERP systems
  • Using latest digital connectivity to make your site ‘smarter’ and more efficient
  • Using cloud based platforms to assist your business and generate revenue

Our philosophy is to use our skills and available technology to allow your managers to run your business better.

How Smart Is Your Factory?