OSSR Audit - Obsolescence, Safety, Software & Reliability

Keeping your site up and running, reliably & safely

Our OSSR audit service is designed to give you peace of mind, to help you know, where your risks lie, and help you create an informed plan of action.

Throughout your factory, site, or plant, you are likely to have a host of equipment supplied by machinery manufacturers, control system integrators, and electrical engineers. At the heart of this equipment, your business productivity and sustainability lie reliant on controls and software installed over a number of years, by a number of people.

Your audit is designed to:
  • Identify obsolete and end-of-life equipment
  • Review software source code access
  • Review safety systems and potential hazards
  • Establish if there is adequate cooling of panels
  • Review the environment e.g. dust or water ingress

Your systems were clearly installed with the best of intentions by professionals, but after 10, 20, or 30 years, it’s understandable that you can lose sight of the age and condition of this equipment and may no longer have the ability to support or repair it.

The cost of doing nothing:
  • Ageing equipment fails with no available replacements
  • Lack of software files means equipment cannot be easily upgraded
  • Panels with inadequate cooling, mean premature equipment failure
  • Unplanned downtime will cost £ thousands per day until fixed

By understanding the state of your equipment and knowing the impact on your business. We can help you plan for a future where your site is more reliable, with less downtime and shorter shutdowns. At the same time, we can make recommendations where you can even improve productivity.

Levels of service:
  • Essential – Basic 1 day audit (& report) customer directed
  • Custom – Full scope agreed with customer; complete obsolescence review of all panels, review of documentation & software source code available, a detailed review of machine & control safety, detailed reliability review, detailed audit report with recommendations provided

Discover our new OSSR Audit flyer here. The link will take you to a short form which enables you to download the document for free. Alternatively, request a quotation for the audit today.