Putting you InControl

Process Optimisation

We know that you’re focused on lowering overheads. One of the best ways of achieving this is to look deeply into your production and consumption efficiency and make changes for the better. We suggest ways to run your processes more efficiently through de-bottlenecking and increased reliability.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Our OEE proposal assesses the time your equipment is available for production against downtime, combined with measured quality and equipment performance. This involves the study of existing systems, analysis, recommendations, implementation, measurements and improvements.

Energy & Emissions Reduction

We assess ways for you to reduce energy consumption, materials, waste and costs. By monitoring energy usage and process efficiency we can close the loop with sophisticated controls and ensure you optimise energy usage at the same time as reducing emissions. Saving you money and the environment.

Made Smarter

Made Smarter - the UK term for Industry 4.0, means using connected data, networking and automation to significantly revolutionise your manufacturing business. We can help you achieve greater flexibility, visibility and efficiency, bringing you improved productivity and profitability.


Industry 4.0 is seen as the 4th industrial revolution - converting factories into 'smart' environments where cyber physical production systems, machines and warehousing are connected from the customer through your factory to the supply chain. We can help you start this journey and bring benefits almost immediately.

Smart Process Plant

We can bring you the technology of the 4th industrial revolution to your process plant. Helping you to seemlessly track process and production flow through your site. Improving connectivity from sensors around your plant throughout your business systems. Turning your plant into a 'smart' and more efficient business.