PLC / DCS Programming

PLC programming engineers

We understand that your Process/Logic software is the most important facet to your system. So we know that your main concerns may well be: ‘Does it work?’, ‘Will it work?’, ‘How will it be supported?’, ‘Will it have a clear programme structure?’ and ‘Will it follow the FDS for maintenance and supportability?’

The answer to all of these is ‘Definitely’. And you may have more questions, like ‘How Robust is the software?’ and ‘How well has it been documented?’ The answer to these two is ‘Extremely’. Our software for PLC systems is developed directly in line with the User Requirement (URS) and Functional Design Specifications (FDS). At InControl, what is defined in the FDS is programmed directly into the software. Just like our FDS, our approach to designing software is solidly structured. Using a top-down method, the whole system is reduced through defined sub-system layers into codeable modules. Combined with thorough documentation, this approach allows our software engineering to be easily managed, modified and leads to cost reductions in the long term.

High performing PLC controls programming

InControl can offer control software for an array of bespoke needs; from high speed packing machines and PID control for process applications to motion control. Our engineers’ expertise covers the whole range of industrial PLCs from block PLCs, modular PLC systems, safety PLCs to redundant PLCs and Networked IO. Also, our engineers have vast industrial experience, so applying software solutions to practical situations is second nature.

PLC upgrade and conversion

There are numerous reasons for upgrading or converting between different PLC models. We can support you with software conversion and validation when you need to upgrade PLC models. These examples include:

  • When your PLC is at the end of the line, or obsolete
  • When you need more performance, more I/O, more functionality
  • If you want to embrace Industry4.0 in your business
  • When your company decides to standardize PLCs across sites
  • When your customer demands you use a particular brand of PLC

All major PLC brands have established upgrade paths which are invariably to upgrade within their product range, making your (and our) life easier. But sometimes, you have to move from one brand to another. In either case, working with an experienced and skilled control systems integrator like InControl will ensure that you have well-structured and documented code at the end of your PLC upgrade project.

PLC upgrade recommendations:
  • Ensure that you keep your existing PLC software files safe, making upgrades and conversions less time consuming
  • Only work with a control systems integrator who can provide documented & commented software, as well as ‘your’ files, that you are contracting them for
  • Take advantage of any ‘forced’ upgrades to facilitate the connection of your machines and processes into a future site-wide digital transformation project or Industry4.0 journey