Pulp, Paper & Board

Reams of experience in automation systems integration

InControl understands your processes and your business objectives whether you have an old pulp mill, state-of-the-art paper machines, an integrated outfit or you’re building a new facility. We work around your strategic goals and help you to improve operating margins, capital efficiency, health & safety, and sustainability.

Pulp, paper & board – control systems engineers

Working with InControl gives you the benefits of our 20 years of experience, together with a range of print and paper-specific solutions. Our experienced professionals and engineers work with you to help design, implement, service, and optimize your operation.

Improving the performance of your mill

We provide automation and innovative solutions to individual pulp and paper process areas. These system areas can then be coordinated and integrated mill-wide so that better, clearer information reaches your key decision-makers. By integrating and providing your systems as one supplier, InControl can boost your process design, system operation, and service quality.