Process Control System Commissioning

When it comes to putting your systems to work, we understand that speed, safety and reliability are key. At InControl, we have vast experience in commissioning a wide range of different processes and systems.

Our success is down to our engineers’ broad range of skills. They have a combined, sound understanding of the project life cycle, control, and process engineering. So we know that once your hardware and software arrives on site, we have what it takes to minimise downtime, avoid damage and leave you with a system that stays running.

Reduction of Commissioning and ‘Downtime’

We have a number of methods and processes designed to minimise any downtime and commissioning time:

  • Strong FDS & URS methodology reduces uncertainty
  • Simulation systems to prove operation safely off-line
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) at our site
Consultant Commissioning Engineers

In fact, we’re so confident and proven in our ability that we don’t just commission our own systems. We offer a separate, global commissioning service, employing and supplying engineers to projects overseas. Whether our commissioning is on behalf of existing or new clients’ systems and equipment, we’re in control.