Energy & Emissions Reduction

Process monitoring & automation to reduce emissions and energy usage

“What gets measured gets done”… But whilst a few people just don’t measure these things, many more do not have a clear automation strategy to improve them.

Many process and industrial manufacturing sites have huge energy bills and their inefficiencies regarding energy can also have a knock-on effect to their emissions.

  • Reduce emissions, protect the planet, comply with legislation
  • Reduce energy usage, improve your processes and get instant benefits to your bottom line
  • Reduce waste, waste material is lost energy and higher emissions
Your process control and automation systems integrator

At InControl Systems, we have over two decades of experience, with a considerable level of skill and a strong desire to help you drive down emissions and optimise (reduce) your energy costs.

By deploying sensors and monitoring throughout the site, connecting this into site-wide SCADA monitoring systems, and furthermore using this data to drive your process optimisation through automation, we can help you drive down waste, emissions and energy bills and maybe at the same time, improving the manufactured quality.