Smart Process Plant

Your process – Made Smarter – for greater efficiency

Made Smarter is not just about manufacturing electronic devices with wireless connectivity in clean-room factories in the developed world. Everything you hear about Made Smarter is equally at home in an industrial, petro-chemical or aggregates plant.

The challenge with many process plants is that they have very large, expensive, non-stop processes that operate independent of other items of plant around a very large site, often many square kilometres.

But the benefits of applying a connected digital strategy around the plant can be much larger than a typical manufacturing site can ever dream of. With huge energy bills, painful down-time costs and a disconnect between process data, this can often mean that seeing where efficiencies can be made and tens of thousands can be saved is impossible.

‘Made Smarter’ – Your process plant
  • Connect and collect critical plant data
  • Use Smart wireless devices to overcome plant challenges
  • Visualise and analyse plant data for better process understanding
  • Optimise processes by better monitoring and control
  • Monitor and track crucial assets remotely
  • Benchmark similar sites within a ‘group’ environment

But by working with InControl engineers who have the experience and technologies to collect critical plant data from around your site. To present and analyse this data so that you can see where process improvements can be made and huge operational costs can be saved.

We can start from a simple control panel refurbishment, or a new SCADA system, which gives us the opportunity to collect and connect data that you haven’t had visibility of before, and that’s the first step in your journey for a Smarter Process Plant.

How Smart is Your Process Plant?