Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Using controls to improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE is the benchmark for measuring the effectiveness and utilisation of your assets, and in turn your whole manufacturing plant.

It is industry best practice to measure and consistently strive for improvements in this metric, where you aim for perfection.

Striving for OEE perfection:
  • 100% Quality (no rejects)
  • 100% Performance (maximum speed for your process)
  • 100% Machine or process availability (i.e. zero downtime)

You don’t want to be measuring this with paper-based and spreadsheet reports, ideally this will be a process built-in as part of your automation strategy, where you can move away from ‘lag’ measures, and begin to take ‘lead’ measurements and use this data for process improvement, better automation and planned preventative maintenance.

Acting as your OEE automation consultants

As an experienced automation sytems integrator, InControl Systems, can help advise, develop and implement integrated monitoring and controls. Together with the visualisation of your assets using SCADA, we can help you speed up your journey in operational equipment efficiency perfection.