Process Optimisation

Maximising the performance of your process

If you’ve got an industrial process, chances are you’ve had a combination of organic extension of the plant and processes, some legacy plant equipment and some ad-hoc process improvements to get the best out of your site. But still you want more, and deserve the optimal performance out of your site.

At InControl, we can help you get the best out of your process by the following means:
  • Homogenised site-wide monitoring and collection of data
  • Improvement of PLC programs to get the best out of your existing systems
  • Additional sensors and monitoring equipment, so that you know the present-state of the process
  • Usage of new measurement points to influence in real-time the control of the process
  • Providing SCADA solutions so that you can see process improvements and learn more about your performance
Unique process automation improvements

We approach each application and industry uniquely, work closely with you to understand your challenges and importantly your process.
By taking a ‘best in class’ approach, and learning from other sectors, we can provide novel solutions to help you maximise your process efficiency.