InVMA Event - IoT: Exposing the Hidden Factory

28/03/2019 11:30:00

IoT: Exposing the Hidden Factory

Operations Managers of even the most efficient factories want to uncover and fix the parts of their factory operations that are a drain on plant performance and the bottom line: Workarounds, re-work, scrap, waiting.

The problem is that the scale and size of this waste and indicators of its root cause is often not available to the people who are best placed to take action. It’s as if the factory performance is hidden from them so they are unable to make the necessary improvements.

Exposing this hidden factory is the first step in improving the operational performance and profitability of the modern factory. The collapse in sensor, computer and communication costs and the availability of new software application platforms is reducing the cost and disruption of discovering the hidden factory, so that managers and operatives can take decisive action to improve performance.

However, with all the hype around Industry 4.0 and an array of solutions available on the market, operations managers are often struggling to find a way to start their digital transformation.

Therefore, we invited our customers to present to you the most common IoT use cases as well as our partners, the global IoT industry leaders, to provide you with advice and tools you need to start your Industry 4.0 journey.

Why attend:
  • Join us to explore how organisations like yours have already successfully implemented Industrial IoT technology to maximise their efficiency and outperform competitors
  • Find out how leading organisations like Dell and PTC are working together to help accelerate the 4th Industrial Revolution in the UK
  • Meet organisations like yours, who are at the beginning of their journey
  • Ask difficult questions and get straight answers from the most experienced Industrial IoT solution providers with factory floor heritage

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InVMA Event - IoT: Exposing the Hidden Factory