Choosing the Right PLC Systems Integrator: What to Look for in a Reliable Partner


As more manufacturers embrace automation, the demand for skilled PLC systems integrators continues to grow.

PLC systems integrators are specialised professionals who design, install, and maintain programmable logic controller (PLC) systems, which are essential for automating various industrial processes. With the increasing adoption of automation in different industries, the demand for skilled PLC systems integrators is on the rise. If you need a reliable partner to help with your automation needs, choosing the right PLC systems integrator is crucial.

One of the most critical factors to consider when selecting a PLC systems integrator is their experience and track record. Look for a company with a proven track record of success in designing, installing, and upgrading PLC systems. InControl was founded nearly 25 years ago, and in that time, we have worked in countless industries, delivering a wide range of applications.

Another relevant factor is the company’s expertise in your industry or a similar field. Different industries have unique requirements when it comes to automation, and working with a company that has experience in your industry will be beneficial. For instance, we have a library of previous successful projects in multiple industries. Discover our case studies.

Ongoing support and maintenance services are also necessary when choosing a PLC systems integrator. A reliable partner should be willing to offer ongoing support to ensure your system continues to operate smoothly. We have a range of support services to give you the optimum service level and up-time of your plant and machinery. That’s either on-site or remotely, allowing you to get the best blend of cost, expert support, and speed to resolution.

We also provide our unique Obsolescence, Safety, Software and Reliability Audit designed to give you peace of mind, to help you know, where your risks lie and help you create an informed plan of action.

Choosing the right PLC systems integrator is paramount for a successful automation project or to provide software changes or PLC upgrades to existing systems. InControl can develop control software for a range of PLC platforms from Siemens, Rockwell, and Schneider, to Mitsubishi and Omron (amongst others) and have experience in a range of industries from minerals & mining, and precision manufacturing to pharmaceutical and petrochemical.

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Choosing the Right PLC Systems Integrator: What to Look for in a Reliable Partner