Not your typical Control System Integrator


20 years of using Sharepoint …
…was it really around then?

What makes a control system integrator adopt Sharepoint so early?

The founders of InControl Systems – Pat Nash and Jan Hemper, have always been at the leading edge of technology adoption and never shy away from new software that might improve their business operations, or indeed to trial it to see if it can help customers.
Their experience of software systems, the relationship between the IT world and the Operational Technology space, makes InControl Systems relatively unique in our industry. We guess this is why we are often the first to cleverly deploy our partner vendors’ software products in the field of automation, SCADA and Industrial IoT.

Digital transformation

So it might not be such a surprise that Pat Nash (pictured) first adopted Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS v2) within InControl Systems in 2003, with a view to improve project documentation, traceability and team sharing of information. Pat used some project ‘downtime’ whilst in Qatar back then, to get up to speed with it all. Two years later, Pat deployed Sharepoint Portal Server for a major internet company with 4,000 users across UK, France & Germany, showing what can be achieved to make major transformational impact with software innovations.

Applying the same mentality to PLC, SCADA and industrial digitalisation projects

It’s not uncommon for us to hear from leading software retailers that “you’re the first to deliver this system” or “this is a great way of using this software”. It is a testament to Jan and Pat, that they have the ‘early adopter’ mindset, which is refreshing in a traditional market of control systems integration and brings benefits to our customers as quickly as possible. This is a mindset that they continue to inspire in the ever-growing team at InControl Systems as they deploy Industry 4.0 projects or solutions for advanced SCADA upgrades and installations.

Use digitalisation techniques to improve your OEE, SPC, energy and waste reduction

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Not your typical Control System Integrator